Get Tom to Austin

So what's this all about then? Well, Tom Fairnie is a local singer/songwriter who has often helped the Music Festival, by doing songwriting workshops, and acting as a judge for the songwriting competitions.


His music genre is Americana, and he has already recorded several self-produced CDs. Tom has been offered the opportunity to record an album of new songs at a studio in Austin, Texas, and is actively fund-raising to get himself there (and back) and pay for the studio musicians he'll need.


The Music Festival is delighted to help him, and will be holding a concert on Friday 23rd November starring Tom himself, and a number of his musican friends. We want loads of people to attend, so entry will be free, which should leave you with loads of dosh to spend on raffle tickets, Tom's CDs and anything else Tom can come up with to help raise funds.

Tom Austin